Finding a really good lawyer and attorney to represent you or to hire a very good lawyer is a major decision, after searching through numerous attorneys and firms, The Boora Law Group stood out as a firm that had integrity, honesty, a firm that you could absolutely trust. And most of all, The Boora Law Group is a law firm that really cared seriously about their clients and their matters. They listen attentively to a client issues and legal matters and provide excellent counseling.
Attorney Boora represented a family member from outside of the United States in the District Court in Sterling Heights, Macomb County, Michigan, we witnessed attorney Boora handle the case with a very high degree of professionalism coupled with excellent negotiation and legal skills. His knowledge of the law and legal issues was phenomenal, he ability to navigate the court system and judiciary is impeccable. His knowledge, education and intelligence are outstanding.

His interaction with opposing counsel and legal system gives him a trademark of a polished attorney who strives to obtain a good result. Attorney Boora's reputation exceeds him in the communities he serves within the State of Michigan. His legal judgement and strategies prove vital in his quest to promote excellent customer service with proven results.
Attorney Boora is very accessible and very caring towards clients and their issues or matters, he takes a step back and looks as your issue from multiple angles and viewpoints in providing legal advice and assistance. It was the best choice that my family member ever made in having attorney Boora as his lawyer, which we witnessed when attending the numerous court hearings and the end result was a miracle.

We are forever indebted to attorney Boora of The Boora Law Group, in all honesty no words can ever explain what you did for our family and the results that you obtained and the positiveness that you instilled in our family of having faith in the almighty God. There we tears in our eyes of the result achieved today that took some time to obtain due to your hard work, commitment, labor and dedication in representing our family. You are a God sent."


Macomb County, Michigan

The BooraLaw Group and Mr. Kal Boora was really excellent in representing our organization and getting the case against us dismissed in The Circuit Court For the County of Wayne, Specialized Business Court. In fact The Boora Law Group was our second attorneys. We hired The Boora Law Group after disappointing performance of our prior law firm. I am so happy that Mr. Kal Boora lived up to our expectations from the initial consultation I had with him, and all the way to the dismissal of the case. We are extremely happy with his performance, research on the subject and briefs. Amazing work. Thanks again Mr. Boora.


Wayne County, MI

Mr. Kulwant Singh Boora is more than an attorney. For lack of a better term, he is also a very respectful and good man, both in his highly ethical work practices and in his own personal moral composition as a Christian and renowned apostolic author. He invariably displays his willingness to go above and beyond the normal call of duty for each and every one of his clients and their individual case needs. Moreover, he sincerely takes on each case, client and every aspect thereof, as if it were regarding his own kin. He is well versed in criminal and civil law, flexible in all areas of his practice including scheduling, availability, and methods of communication in addition to locale. He ensures his clients always have access to himself during a case, as well as afterwards. He is not money driven like most attorneys, yet remains client driven providing first-class customer service to each and every client. He is the epitome of a true lawyer; the State Bar of Michigan should have more attorneys like Mr. Boora.

I was privileged to personally witness his very first district court jury trial as my legal defense counsel. In the trial, Mr. Boora was up against a highly esteemed Monroe County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, who was out to obtain a guilty verdict and extremely confident in his ability to win this case. However, Mr. Boora's wealth of knowledge, explicit attention to detail, in depth research, excellent communication and oratorical skills, preparation of my case and passion for justice are just a few reasons he experienced victory in my jury trial. Even as the Prosecution repeatedly played back to the jury unproven surveillance camera footage of the alleged incident, counsel Boora was able to get a clear verdict of 'Not Guilty' from the jury. The real and whole truth came out in this jury trial and the verdict of 'Not Guilty' vindicated me of this alleged false crime.

He presented the case with exceptional skill from his jury selection, voir dire, opening trial speech to evidentiary issues, direct and cross-examination of witnesses to the final closing arguments. He understood every facet of the case and did not make any decisions or proceed with anything until he ensured I did as well. Attorney Boora is honest, poised, driven, fair, patient, articulate, eloquently spoken, consistent and understanding, which are just a few of his most prominent characteristics. While demonstrating unusually high professional integrity at every turn, it is clear Mr. Boora retains an unwavering moral compass. He is truly one of the best attorney's around. I would recommend him to anyone looking for the 'right man' - or in this case, best man, on your team. I am entirely assured in Attorney Boora's ability to provide superb, accurate and sound legal counsel so much as to the extent he will undoubtedly be my first call if any future matter should arise.

Thank you again Kal!

M. McCartney. |

Monroe County, Michigan

Attorney Boora has represented our business on civil and related cases, you search hard for a good lawyer and most are more concerned about money than quality service. The important values in a good lawyer are that they take your case seriously and spend time with you in providing valuable solutions and strategies, Attorney Boora inspires clients no matter how complex and difficult the case, sometimes even against all odds.

Attorney Boora will spent quality time with clients, reviews facts in detail, undertake research, review the law, analyze issues and assess strategies and solutions to any problem, and as said no matter how complex the case, even against all odds.

It was the best choice that was made to hire The Boora Law Group from day one, they have even helped at times without even charging one dime now that is very rare for a law firm to do that. Attorney Boora is very hard working, professional, intelligent, innovative and educated. You can totally trust him to get the job done and get results. Excellent lawyer period.

AJ Singh, Business Owner

Monroe County, Michigan

By far, the best Attorney you will ever come across! When my husband and I were charged with crimes we didn't commit, we felt helpless in dealing with a corrupt judicial system, where no one cares if you're innocent or guilty. After $21,000 in legal fees to a firm that did NOTHING but hurt us, we were referred to Mr. Boora. Hands down, the best thing that has ever happened to us. This firm is personable, professional, CARING, and dedicated to their clients. When there was no hope, Mr. Boora was a bright ray of light that turned our lives around. He fought to prove our innocence and won. My husband was facing 7 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and no one cared but Mr. Boora! My husband's case and mine were dismissed, and we got our lives back thanks to this wonderful man and his firm. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. LIFE CHANGING!

Oakland County, Michigan |

Wayne County, MI

Our landlord filed a lawsuit for eviction of our entire family. Thanks to the Boora Law Group during the litigation we were referred to Attorney Boora, he took over the case and our family was able to avoid paying back rent, able to get additional time to find another place to live without fear of being evicted by the landlord for retaliation. The best thing that happened was being referred to Attorney Boora, we are indebted to Attorney Boora, someone who truly cares about people and goes beyond in helping people.


Monroe, MI

I found myself in some big trouble with very little time to get something done in regard to my home being in foreclosure, as I could have lost my home. The State Bar of Michigan referred me to the Boora Law Group and Attorney Boora acted very quickly working into the early hours of the morning and was able to save my house from going to auction at the 11th hour at a sheriff sale and I will forever be grateful to the Boora Law Group. His knowledge of the system and friendly relationships with personnel at the courthouse is obviously a huge benefit for anyone that might want to retain his services. Attorney Boora was very ethical and professional and upfront with me through every step of the process and discussed multiple options on how I could handle my situation in such a short space of time. In just spending one morning with him through this legal process, it was obvious that he is very passionate about his work and he embraced the pressure and challenge of my particular situation on morning of the sheriff sale. The cost to retain his service was worth it, as I had put him through an extremely and very tough situation that required him to put in an extremely late night to get paperwork to the courthouse the next morning and stop the sheriff sale. I will highly recommend The Boora Law Group PLC and Attorney Kulwant Boora for anyone I know that might need a lawyer in the future!

J. D.|

Monroe County, Michigan

I had not doubt I was facing prison, while currently on probation in another county in Michigan, I was charged with possession of cocaine a 4-year felony, prisoner possessing contraband a 5-year felony and received a notice of habitual offender third offense. My defense trial attorney, attorney Kulwant Boora, carefully strategized and evaluated my case to get the best possible result and he got an excellent result. The prisoner contraband felony and habitual offender third offense notice was dismissed by the State. I cannot thank attorney Boora enough for the hard work and results he got. I got 2 days jail with 30 days of community service and probation.

Ms. R |


In my experiences thru my life, small businesses, real estate and rental properties, I have had more than a few opportunities in which I have had to enlist the professional use of attorneys and lawyers. There have been quite a few that I have used. Without question and without comparison by far, attorney Kulwant S. Boora has been one of the most effective by means of his overall knowledge, legal insight, intelligence, professionalism, strategic approaches and strategies, business insight and not to mention how cost effective he can be compared to most attorneys. As an individual and businessman, attorney Boora has greatly exceeded any and all expectations and I am very proud and honored and fortunate to have been referred to such a gentleman and his law firm, it was an excellent choice. His ethical and professional, you can totally trust him and he always strives to do his utmost best for clients and far exceeds what is expected of an attorney or member of the bar, while providing an excellent service to his clients and customers.


Monroe, Michigan

We were highly recommended to The Boora Law Group who represented my wife who is from overseas and me on her immigration case before federal authorities. Our legal counsel, Attorney Boora was very thorough and advised us on all the best possible routes and aspects of our immigration matter. He made sure we were prepared for our interview with federal authorities and he was the best attorney you could ask for. We would recommend The Boora Law Group for any case. If you need to our advice, "you will not be disappointed! Our case was approved". Counsel Boora went above and beyond, and we will always appreciate his personal services that he provided to our family. We could not have asked for a better lawyer whom you can trust that will get the job done ethically and professional in a timely manner and most of all, Attorney Boora was accessible anytime we called or he would call us back without delay and spent the time with us in getting the job done.! Excellent service from The Boora Law Group



Being disabled I was facing eviction by a landlord for serious allegations of violating the lease agreement, attorney Boora was referred to me by the State Bar of Michigan, I contacted him immediately for help, after thoroughly reviewing my case and the law, he represented me as my legal counsel. He fought for my legal rights and defended me in the court case; he got an excellent result and got the case dismissed by the judge. Attorney Boora takes every case seriously and truly cares about people; he provided an excellent professional service with proven results, he is a person you can truly trust.

A. M.|

Monroe, MI

What a great lawyer. I'm indebted to my legal counsel attorney Boora, right from the start when I first met him, I knew straight away that I had a good lawyer, with all the difficulties that I was going through and the emotional state I was in, my attorney made me feel at peace. His patience in working with me was priceless and his care for people is gold. Being charged with a felony, attorney Boora got straight to work and went way beyond what any attorney would do in fighting to get me a good result. On the day of sentencing in the Circuit Court, I watched as the probation recommended jail and the prosecutor was pushing for prison, despite having numerous felonies and numerous misdemeanors with another felony charge on its way, I sat in court and watched my attorney advocate to the judge my case and position and persuade and convince the judge to avoid putting me in prison. It was unbelievable that day I thought I was going to be put in prison, even having all the odds against me without much hope, my lawyer was still able to stand up and fight for me on the day of sentencing and show to the court that I was a different person. It is evident that you have changed the lives of many that you have represented who seek a lawyer who will go all the way to represent his client, you were accessible, professional, very intelligent and informed me of my case every step of the way. Thank you for believing in me when others did not.

Diana L|

Our son was charged by law enforcement for offenses and the prosecutor was looking also for $6,000 to 10,000 in restitution, we had attorney boora represent us and had heard about him from numerous people in the community that he a very good lawyer and takes every case serious and fights for his clients. He got to work on the case immediately and noticed some constitutional problems that law enforcement had violated the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Michigan State Constitution regarding unreasonable search and seizure, he advised us of the legal issues and challenged law enforcement’s conduct and charges brought by the prosecutor, he filed a motion to suppress the search and seizure of the evidence and any statements made by my son to law enforcement, the case was dismissed by the prosecutor after the motion to suppress was filed, pending some additional matters, we cannot thank you enough attorney boora for all your hard and dedicated work and helping our family, and now we too can join with others in every growing list in saying that if you truly need a good lawyer, attorney boora is without question the person and when we need legal advice attorney boora is only a phone call away, you can trust him totally and man of integrity, what we loved about attorney boora is that he has such a passion and care for people that you very rarely find in most attorneys or lawyers who care more about being paid, he is not out to get your money, but to get your trust and confidence to a level that will bring peace of mind and works exceptionally hard and endlessly to get results for his clients and treats every client respectfully, give attorney boora a call and you too will definitely find out what we are talking about, you will never be disappointed.

Mrs. N|

Monroe County, MI

In all of my dealings with Attorney Boora, I have been extremely pleased and satisfied. He has been timely in his responses, very respectful, and helpful to me as I dealt with a family member's estate in Michigan. I highly recommend The Boora Law Group for estate planning legal issues.


Erie, MI

I was seeking to invest heavily into a potential trademark and after contacting Attorney Boora, who discussed the matter with me and also provided a trademark analysis and clearance opinion, he saved me a substantial amount of time, labor, money and investment and a possible infringement action or lawsuit. He was thorough and very knowledgeable in providing excellent sound legal advice and business strategy regarding intellectual property issue at a very affordable rate; we would definitely use his services again.



As a business owner I needed an attorney who could provide me practical legal advice and assistance with regards to a lease agreement. I contacted The Boora Law Group. Mr. Boora gave sound practical advice and drafted and prepared the necessary documents. He was very respectful, professional and truly cared for his client's issue and very reasonable in his fees. Excellent service would definitely recommend to others without hesitation.


Detroit, MI

Amazing team. Hats off to the team for the professional and commendable representation for myself and our organization.
Thank very much Boora Group!!!


Detroit, MI

I was charged with a felony of possession of a dangerous weapon in Monroe County, attorney Boora represented me and at the court hearing before it was bound over the Circuit Court, I got the best result ever, the case was dismissed and was not bound over to the felony court. The nights of worry, fear and anxiety disappeared, and my legal counsel assured me he would fight to protect my legal rights, which he did. To read that "Order of Dismissal" was amazing. Attorney Boora is someone you can truly trust and really cares about his client's case, thank you so much......!


Toledo, OH

I faced a nightmare when I was arrested. The police wanted to charge me with home invasion, domestic violence, child endangerment and assault and battery. The prosecutor charged me with domestic violence with second offense notice that carried an enhanced sentence, assault and battery and breaking and entering (illegal entry without owner's permission) I was facing substantial jail time. A day before the jury trial, the prosecutor wanted me to plea to assault and battery and indicated they could also charge me with another domestic violence charge, given that there were two alleged victims involved. My attorney advised me to take it to trial. On the day of the jury the trial, I got the best result I could ever want the case was DISMISSED. Attorney Boora, words cannot explain how I and my family feel, someone who can be totally trusted, honest with integrity who provides an excellent service.


Monroe, Michigan

I was stopped by police and charged with possession of drugs (marijuana) and driving while license was suspended (DWLS) while I was on probation in another Michigan county I was in total despair and afraid. The Boora Law Group took the case seriously as I was a co-defendant in the case. He advised me of my constitutional and legal rights and was ready to take the case to trial before a jury, he worked endlessly to get an excellent result that resulted in the dismissal of the drug charge against me and getting rid of the driving while license was suspended (DWLS) to zero points. It is lawyers like attorney Boora that give the bar and profession a good name who truly serve the community.

J. M.|

Temperance, MI

A phone call was made, the police turned up, I was arrested and falsely charged with domestic violence against my two and half year old son because of a person making a false lie about me. I was also charged with assault and battery and disturbing the peace relating to the same events, but by separate people. In times like this, you have sleepless nights and worry until you are driven to despair, yet through it all, The Boora Law Group was an answer to prayer and a blessing in disguise. Attorney Boora got the domestic violence charge against my son dismissed as well as the charge for disturbing the peace and for the assault and battery. I got no jail time despite the probation's recommendation in a presentence investigation report for jail time, but given the binding recommendation of no jail time in a subsequent plea agreement, I walked away with no jail time whatsoever given dismissal of some of the charges and the sentencing was taken care of immediately. I am indebted to attorney Boora for advising me to withdraw my prior plea, which I made without an attorney. I made a bad mistake to do that without a lawyer, and attorney Boora got a far better and more excellent result on the subsequent agreement. Attorney Boora I cannot thank you enough for your dedicated hard work and commitment to represent me with the highest professional services as my legal defense counsel and trial attorney. You kept your word as my lawyer to defend me and fight for my rights, and that's what you did.


Inkster, Michigan

I was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while license suspended, controlled substance possession of marijuana and facing serious jail time. I walked away with no jail time whatsoever and with probation and some other recommendations. My defense lawyer, Attorney Boora, worked closely with the prosecutor and the court in obtaining an excellent result. He provided excellent legal services! You can depend on the Boora Law Group to seek justice and defend your legal rights.


Monroe, Michigan

I am indebted to my attorney Kulwant S. Boora who represented me as my defense counsel when I was charged with 2 separate criminal charges for domestic violence in which I was facing potential jail, the police misrepresented the alleged incidents. Attorney Boora reviewed all the evidence and facts and advised me thoroughly of my legal and constitutional rights, he provided excellent advice and assistance every step of the way and took all of my calls regardless of the time of day, he took time out to speak to me not matter how busy he was, the legal services were outstanding and the professionalism remarkable. He advised me that we prepare for trial and my lawyer got the best result I could ask for on the day of trial, the 2 criminal changes for domestic violence were dismissed. The Boora Law Group lives up to its representation of representing clients with a first-class service. I would recommend him to anyone without reservation or question, attorney Boora is an outstanding lawyer. Thank you so much!


Monroe, MI

Attorney Boora is an excellent lawyer, very knowledgeable and educated. Honest and trustworthy. He takes the time to listen to people and truly cares about clients and people. We need more lawyers like him, he is truly a professional role model. He provided excellent advice and assistance to me on a case and carefully looked at the case in detail. Thank you so much, I cannot explain how much you helped me and my family.


Woodhaven, MI

I just want to take the time to tell you I greatly appreciate your time and effort you put into my case. I am very grateful you were able to get the charge and case against me dismissed. Attorney Boora gave me my freedom back and brought my family back together again, you truly care about clients and their case. You took to the time to listen to me and took my calls no matter how busy you were. If I ever need a lawyer, attorney Boora is my first choice, and I will certainly without question recommend the Boora Law Group to others.


Monroe, Michigan

I was placed in custody and informed I was under arrest for malicious destruction of property, attempted CSC and domestic violence. I was charged for an assaultive crime and the prosecutor was looking to charge me with a felony. The end result was that the case was dismissed. Thanks attorney Boora for all your help and assistance. You truly care about clients and protecting their legal rights.


Monroe, MI

I was charged with 5 offenses, including resisting and obstructing a police officer and facing potential jail, Attorney Kulwant S. Boora serving as co-counsel as part of my criminal legal defense team they got the resisting and obstructing police officer charge dismissed including another charge and the rest down to civil infractions, they worked endlessly to protect my legal and constitutional rights, at the end of the day I walked away with fines and civil infractions, an excellent team to have on your side, I was constantly up-dated about the progress of my case and provided an excellent client centered service, I would certainly employ there services again without question.


Romulus, MI

My life was a mess, I had several outstanding warrants, when I was stopped by State Police for drinking and driving, and arrested. I was charged with one count of operating with a high BAC and one count of open container in vehicle both carrying jail time. I met with attorney Boora who advised me of my legal rights and reviewed my case in detail. Attorney Boora got one count of operating with a high BAC and one count of open container in vehicle both dismissed to OWI first. On the day of sentencing, he reviewed the pre-sentence investigation report with me and explained the recommendation of jail by the probation department in addition to addressing the outstanding warrants. I was given a jail sentence, which was due to start upon a specific date after addressing the outstanding warrants. On the day I was to turn myself in for my jail term, I spoke with my legal counsel attorney Boora who met with me at the courthouse and I turned myself in to probation. I could not believe that on the day that I was due to start my jail term, my attorney went above and beyond in advocating for me one more time, I could not believe what I was about to hear from my attorney, he advised me that I was not required to do the jail term and could leave to go home to be with my family. I was in tears, if it was not for the hard work, compassion and dedication of The Boora Law Group, I would be sitting in jail. Attorney Boora, you believed in me and gave me hope when there was no hope, and you always said there is light at the end of the tunnel. I thank God for Attorney Boora.

William |

Lapeer, Michigan

Thank you attorney boora, my domestic violence case was dismissed two days before jury trial, reading the order of dismissal was phenomenal, what an excellent lawyer.


Willis, Michigan

I was falsely accused of assault and battery, attorney boora advised me of my legal and constitutional rights. I got the news at court that my case was dismissed, you provided a first class service every step of the way and you took time to listen to me no matter what time of the day it was.

Case |

Carleton, Michigan

The police were called on me and I was arrested, charged with two counts of domestic violence and arraigned, facing potential jail time that would have devastated my future. I was represented by The Boora Law Group, Mr. Boora, my attorney advised me to go to trial on this case after reviewing the case thoroughly with me, including a trial strategy. On the day of the actual trial my legal counsel got the best result ever and the case was dismissed against me and the two charges of domestic violence. Can you ask for anything better? What a great lawyer, thanks to The Boora Law Group!


Southgate, MI

"I was arrested by the police in Milan, Michigan and I was charged by the prosecutor with a felony, domestic violence, assault and battery, facing serious jail time, my attorney fought to protect my legal rights. In handling my case, attorney Boora worked very hard in defending me. The felony, domestic violence and assault and battery charges were all dismissed and I ended up with disturbing the peace with very minimal incarceration. You can certainly trust and have confidence in counsel Boora, someone who really takes you serious, is patient and takes the time to listen to you, thanks so much to Boora Law Group....!"


Ypsilanti, Michigan

I was stopped by police and charged with a misdemeanor. My legal counsel attorney Boora came highly recommended in the legal community. He got an excellent result from a misdemeanor charge down to a parking violation, and I did not even have to attend the hearing at court. He took care of it. Thank God for the Boora Law Group and Attorney Boora! He truly cares for his clients and is an excellent defense attorney.

Mr. Bilal|

Dearborn, Michigan

Facing a charge as a co-defendant of breaking and entering a vehicle to steal property, after speaking with my legal counsel, attorney Boora took my case very seriously. We were going to take this case all the way trial, but that never took place. He got an excellent result prior to taking it to trial. He work diligently and got the prosecutor to dismiss the case. I needed a good lawyer, and The Boora Law Group was there to represent me!


Monroe, MI

Stopped by the State Police in Monroe County for speeding 25 over in a 55 speed limit zone, the police officer in fact told me I was going 25 plus over the speed limit, the officer also took my driving license from me. I was looking at 4 points on my license and the possibility of an additional charge that could have had an adverse effect on my car insurance and criminal record. My lawyer came highly recommended by people in the community; I made the best choice ever in hiring my legal counsel, attorney Boora. He worked professionally, diligently and efficiently, he got an exceptional result for me, down to parking violations and tickets, no points, no additional charge and I got my driving license back....thanks to The Boora Law Group they are there when you need them most.


Toledo, OH

As an international outside of the U.S., I needed a good lawyer to help and give guidance on some potential litigation, you need someone knowledgeable, detailed, honest and trustworthy. Mr. Boora is someone who has an excellent reputation not only nationally, but internationally understanding both American and British law, he truly exceeds his reputation, again thank you.

Mr. Parminder, British Solicitor & Lawyer|

England, United Kingdom

Being a co-defendant, I was falsely charged with a felony, my defense counsel, Attorney Boora helped me through this horrific nightmare and ordeal, which could have also led to prison in another county. Being pregnant my life was devastated, but thanks to Attorney Boora who worked efficiently, diligently and strategically, he got the case dismissed. Words can't explain it what a wonderful feeling and having an excellent lawyer in your corner...!

Kai |

Milan, MI

I was charged with domestic violence, and I felt my self in total despair, my attorney, Attorney Boora worked hard and efficiently keeping me informed of the case throughout. The greatest result of all was he got the case dismissed against me with no conviction whatsoever! Now beat that!


Monroe, MI

When you are falsely accused of a crime you need an excellent lawyer like Mr. Boora. Being falsely accused of embezzlement, Mr. Boora was quick to act and took my case very seriously. I was referred to him and knew right away when I met him it was an excellent choice. He reviewed my case and worked hard to get the embezzlement charge dismissed. Who can ask for a better result than that from their lawyer? He saved my career and livelihood... words cannot explain it. I can now fulfill my dream of working for the federal government in the U.S. military, thanks to the Boora Law Group!


Monroe, MI

I was in fear and distress, being charged with domestic violence second, attorney boora represented me and advised me of my legal rights and worked extremely hard, working with the prosecutor and an agency to get me into the treatment court, which would help me my case greatly, I cannot thank Attorney Boora enough for his help, a person you can honestly and truly trust who works hard to get the best result for his clients.


Monroe County, Michigan

Facing mandatory jail time for an offence, The Boora Law Group, my defense counsel, worked quickly and professionally to protect my legal and constitutional rights in court. Attorney Boora fought every step of the way, and informed me of every stage of the case and proceedings. He is a brilliant lawyer and very knowledgeable who takes every case seriously, and got an excellent result with no mandatory jail time and no probation which was recommended by the probation department, he truly cares and gets results.


Monroe, MI

I was seeking to invest heavily into a potential trademark and after contacting Attorney Boora, who discussed the matter with me and also provided a trademark analysis and clearance opinion, he saved me a substantial amount of time, labor, money and investment and a possible infringement action or lawsuit. He was thorough and very knowledgeable in providing excellent sound legal advice and business strategy regarding intellectual property issue at a very affordable rate; we would definitely use his services again.

Amro, Michigan business owner|

Detroit, MI

As a business owner I needed an attorney who could provide me practical legal advice and assistance with regards to a lease agreement. I contacted The Boora Law Group. Mr. Boora gave sound practical advice and drafted and prepared the necessary documents. He was very respectful, professional and truly cared for his client's issue and very reasonable in his fees. Excellent service would definitely recommend to others without hesitation.

Alat, Michigan business owner|

Monroe, MI

Attorney Boora's knowledge of the law and his understanding of legal issues have dramatically helped on several complex intellectual property issues that I was working on. You can certainly rely on The Boora Law Group!


Monroe, MI

I needed help, and Attorney Boora was the right person to call based upon a referral. Thank God I called him for help! He provided sound practical legal advice and assistance.


Southgate, MI

Facing a legal crisis I needed someone I could trust and who would totally help me and not simply be concerned about money. I immediately contacted Attorney Kulwant Boora and found out within seconds he was genuinely concerned about my situation and totally cared.


Monroe, MI

*Results vary depending on each unique set of facts of a particular case and circumstances. No representation is made or guarantee to the outcome of any particular case.*